12/7/2013 Participating in a Professional Community-Dominate Those Danielson Domains!

Come out and join us Saturday morning December 7!  We’ll have snacks, beverages, great speakers and BOOKS!

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Participating in a Professional Community

Saturday December 7, 2013    9 am – 2 pm  Prairie Trail School  13600 W. Wadsworth Rd., Wadsworth, IL

Administrators can attend this workshop at no cost when they bring teachers from their school or district.  To take advantage of this special offer register here.

Keynote Speaker:  Laura Beltchenko

Up “Close” and Personal, “Reading” between the Lines of the ELA CCSS Standards…A Magical Mystery Tour

As educators we are at the “knowing” path of the long and winding road of the ELA Common Core Standards. In this session we will explore and investigate the multiple meanings of “text” and clarify the myths and realities of text dependent questions. Our next leg of this winding road is:  how do we create these standards into a goal oriented, “procedural” and “automatic” levels in our classrooms?  Participants will take short tour into the Depth of Knowledge and then we will see how we can utilize, short text, the visual arts, video and even basal and guided reading materials to move our literacy lessons into standards aligned lessons that meet the shifts the standards require. Come along for magical mystery tour!!!

Bobbie Sejnost-CCSS and the Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching

This presentation will outline the correlations and connections between the Common Core State Standards and the Danielson frameworks.


Debbie Gurvitz-Close Reading in the Primary Grades Leads to Collaborative Conversations, Higher Level Comprehension and Critical Thinking

In this presentation Debbie Gurvitz will present a Gradual Release of Responsibility instructional model to scaffold close reading from teacher led read-a-loud with complex text to student led independent/buddy reading with independent level text. Participants will view video excerpts that demonstrate primary students can do close reading!

DOMAINS 1 and 3

Tracy Tarasiuk-Deeper Learning Through Discussion for ALL Students in 3-12

The ELA CCSS require that students analyze and interpret texts.  The new teacher evaluation system asks that we encourage students to become more active in their own learning. Learn how to achieve both with class discussions.


Kimberly Rehling & Laurel Williams-So many choices! How do I choose?

Make informed choices to support the CCSS in Literacy, increase rigor, and align the incorporation of technology into daily lessons. This session will have a kindergarten focus that is adaptable for use in primary classrooms.

Domains 1d & 1e

Jen Lippert & Erin Mextaxas-What’s up Doc? Students Prescribing Solutions to Improve Reading

Through this collaborative approach to learning, students self-assess then diagnose their reading habits to become self-reflective readers. Participants will explore resources to help their students diagnose reading problems and prescribe strategies to improve comprehension.

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Extreme Reading in the Middle Grades

Below are the websites and handouts from my presentation Extreme Reading in the Middle Grades.  If you have any questions or would like to share ideas for teaching middle grade/junior high school readers you can leave me a comment here at the site, or find me on Facebook (the link is to the right on this page).  Thanks for coming to my presentation!


Extreme Reading


Educational Game Network



Little Brother

2.0 World Mosaic


Presentation Outline

Extreme Book Talk SCENE PLANNER

Extreme Book Talk RUBRIC